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  • 1) Before installing the hack ensure that you have WinRAR installed. If you need to install WinRAR click here to download for Free – Download Here
  • 2) Next, you will need to install Tampermonkey to use the script that is needed for this hack. If you need to install Tampermonkey for Free – Download Here
  • 3) Click the red download button blow on the bottom of this page
  • 4) Click the device that applies to you
  • 5) Once you have the file downloaded, extract the file with WinRAR.
  • 6) Click into the file you and will find the script file within it
  • 7) Open the file and ensure you open it with a text editor so you can see the code.
  • 8) Once that is open, navigate over to Krunker.IO and make sure you are logged into an account. It is very important you are logged into an account or this will not work
  • 9) Once you are logged in, close down Krunker.IO, then within the browser click on the tampermonkey icon, and click create a new script
  • 10) Once you are there, remove the pre filled code and copy in the code from the script text file from the download file.
  • 11) Once you are done, click file and then save. You should see the script be active on the dashboard.
  • 12) Head over to Krunker.IO and you will now have all the skins within the game.
  • 13) Enjoy!

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Still haven’t got WinRAR?
You will need it for the Hacks – Download Here

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